Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to give teachers and students the tools, technology, and training they need to affordably and successfully prepare for the TOEFL Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT test.

Fast and accurate

English learners who need to demonstrate proficiency in spoken English (to get a job or enrol in a university or obtain a professional certification) need immediate, targeted corrective feedback that accurately portrays "weaknesses" in their English communication.
My Speaking Score's technology and assessment tools give users virtually instant feedback so they can make accurate predictions about likely TOEFL Speaking test results, and make the changes in their preparation and response delivery to maximize their chances of getting a high score in the TOEFL Speaking section of the TOEFL test.

Valid and accessible

We create TOEFL Speaking practice tests that mimic the content and style found in real TOEFL Speaking sections. Our test designers create new test content regularly.
In addition to free tests, My Speaking Score offers free training to anyone who needs to understand the principles and tactics of effective TOEFL Speaking response delivery.
Optional reports are affordably priced.

Tireless and focused

Our dedicated and remote team of professionals from all over the world work thoughtfully to make using My Speaking Score easy, fun, and effective. This website is updated every 3-months to include improvements to functionality and new features that our customers ask for. New TOEFL Speaking tests are updated monthly.