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what is My Speaking Score?

My Speaking Score is an automated scoring and feedback algorithm that uses AI to listen to and score responses to TOEFL Speaking questions. My Speaking Score produces detailed reports about features of your speech and gives you an estimate of your TOEFL Speaking score.

how can My Speaking Score help me?

My Speaking Score has helped learners from all over the world gain insights into their English. Your customized assessments and reports indicate - with a high degree of accuracy and reliability - the quality of your responses. My Speaking Score helps TOEFL test-takers estimate their TOEFL Speaking scores so they can gain feedback about their English and prepare for the test more effectively.

is this 100% AI?

Yes. My Speaking Score uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to score 12 dimensions of your speech and provide an estimate of your TOEFL Speaking score that is valid and reliable.

how accurate is my TOEFL Speaking score estimate?

My Speaking Score is highly accurate in measuring features of speech delivery and language use. Our algorithmic speech assessment engine does not measure topic development, style, or argument quality.

how do the scores correlate with human raters?

Research has shown that score correlation between MSS and trained humans raters is actually higher than among 2 human raters. My Speaking Score features that exhibit the highest correlations with human scores include fluency and pronunciation. For more score correlations, see Wang, Zhen, et al. “Monitoring the Performance of Human and Automated Scores for Spoken Responses.” Language Testing, vol. 35, no. 1, Jan. 2018, pp. 101–120; see also Automated Speaking Assessment. 1st ed. Taylor and Francis; 2019.  (edited)

does My Speaking Score provide training?

Yes. Please sign up for My Speaking Challenge for self-guided lessons and a 10-day "TOEFL Bootcamp" called TOEFL Speaking Champion.

can I get live coaching?

Yes. My Speaking Score is also a teaching platform where you can find TOEFL experts eager to help you on your TOEFL Speaking journey.